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An offensive point of view

Our efficient and realistic approach exceeds the limits of classical manual or automated assessment by using an attacker's point of view. Offensive assessment continuously testing the security of your web applications will reveal your real risks.

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Our Approach

The Ambionics platform, paired with our experts, creates a virtuous circle of offensive assessment with knowledge database, risk assessment, and threat attack monitoring of your web applications.



The initial step involves gathering all possible data about the web application setup into the Ambionics platform. Then, a technological and functional cartography is done to create an accurate map of underlying technologies of the web application. The Ambionics platform built a knowledge database of the visible and invisible scope of the web application.
This knowledge is continuously updated with our automated cartography process and validated by our security experts during the offensive assessment steps.



The first input data will come from the cartography to be analyzed for finding public or private vulnerabilities available in Ambionics vulnerability database. This database is continuously updated from public sources, Ambionics R&D, and Ambionics past assessment results. Our security experts, with the help of our platform, will apply Ambionics breach strategies and tactics to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in web applications.
A real time alert is sent for each proven vulnerability detected. The details about breach method, results, impact on the web application security and remediation guidelines are then available through the Ambionics web portal.



The Ambionics platform continuously monitors technical and functional evolutions of the web application. Each significant change triggers an alert to our experts who will start a web security assessment. The disclosure of new software vulnerabilities or new security threats affecting monitored web applications will also initiate an assessment of impacted web applications.
The Ambionics platform automatically and regularly replays the attacks to check if remediation is applied and efficient. With the Ambionics web portal you can track the risk trends on the threat surface of your web applications with analytics and dashboard.

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