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Built From Experience

Ambionics has been built from the experience and expertise of LEXFO. As an independent firm specialized in offensive security for several years, LEXFO has been able to capitalize and perpetuate extensive knowledge about information system vulnerabilities and intrusion methods for all kinds of technology.

Our service arose from sharp perception of real threats and offensive security skills, tested several years within LEXFO. Its efficiency and customers commitment have led to the creation of Ambionics operated by Ambionics Security a subsidiary of LEXFO.

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Innovative solutions

By using an offensive attacker’s point of view, Ambionics has created an efficient and realistic approach which oversteps the limits of classical manual or automated assessment. Through the combination of its powerful technical platform and its team of experts in breach tactics, Ambionics provides to companies an innovative solution for continuous web application security assessment.

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Our goal is to keep you
one step ahead
of cyber threats

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it works

We offer a unique approach to assess the security of your web applications by combining the best of human intelligence and technology.

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